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This website attempts to provide a dynamic, ongoing compilation of what we regard as important information about the covid hoax and crimes against humanity, which is otherwise being censored, deleted and lost from humanity’s records.

Our posts contain brief introductions/summaries of articles published elsewhere, with website links so you can get more comprehensive information, as well as saved and downloadable PDFs of most of the linked-to articles, in order to present and save the truth, for now and for posterity.

We’re in an information war, like never before.

The world, as we know it, has changed forever.

Under the guise of a virus, we have lost our voices, freedom, rights and privacy.

Over the past year, and particularly in the past few months, banning, censorship and deletions of online content, deemed not fitting the official narrative by governments or the WHO (World Health Organisation), have increased. Note that I am not talking about ‘illegal’ content here.

Those with dissenting voices, including experts, peer-reviewed scientists, doctors, journalists and others, have had their platforms banned and content removed. Often these people have been vilified in order to drive home aggressive “disinformation” campaigns by politicians, corporations and governmental institutions.

The Tech Giants like Google, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter have altered their search algorithms so that internet users will struggle to find content with alternative views, or will find only progagandist tropes. These megalithic corporations are now the guards at the gates of free speech.

Mainstream media, incorporating the biggest TV channels and newspapers, are no better. They often parrot exactly the same stories, using exactly the same language, as if they’ve been told what to say and what not to say. Critical thinking, questioning the narrative and true journalism seem to be things of the past.

The truths they don’t want you to know.

Many alternative topics and fields of knowledge are being relabelled by those in power as “fake news”.

These include natural health or herbal remedies, alternative cancer treatments like cannabis, simple remedies for coronavirus and other cold/flu infections like vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, the damaging effects of electro-magnetic radiation, including the possible link between covid-19 symptoms and 5G, vaccine injuries and deaths, alternative history, cryptocurrencies, 9/11 being an ‘inside job’…

In their place, we are offered the “fact-checkers”: various nefarious websites run by bankrolled internet trolls or individuals with dubious educational backgrounds or experience, enjoying the first page of search engine results, claiming that whatever alternative information you may be searching for (especially linked to the topics mentioned above) is “baseless”, “unproven”, “conspiracy theory”, or “dangerous”.

First page of search in Google for "5g coronavirus" on 27-05-2020

Image: First page of search in Google for “5g coronavirus” on 27-05-2020

Dangerous to who?

In many cases, internet browsers and social media sites have been tweaked to interject with pop-up warnings, trying to prohibit internet users from clicking through to certain alternative websites, claiming something along the lines of “The content you’re trying to access is dangerous. Go back”.

As if we have no minds and are incapable of evaluating information for ourselves.

Image: Warning from Twitter to discourage users from linking to certain information (censorship)

Increasingly this means that newcomers seeking information about the covid hoax and plandemic, vaccine injuries and deaths, multiple crimes against humanity including genocide, and other heavily-censored topics, who search for these topics by simply typing keywords into search engines or social media, will repeatedly hit stone walls and come out with nothing other than the official narrative.

In many cases, the only way left to find ‘controversial’ online content which covers a debate and dialogue, critical thinking, alternatives to the government and mainstream media imposed narratives, and the real truth is to know who the truth movement leaders in these alternative information subjects are, what their websites and social media are, and to visit those directly by typing those specific URLs into search engines or browsers. Which newcomers wouldn’t know, because they’re being prevented from seeking and seeing this information.

We have a choice:

~ Either we ignore this serious erosion of freedom of speech, and watch a huge body of different facts and opinions, including important alternatives to what we’re being told, and the truth simply vanish down a cyber-hole.

If and when we come out of this 1984-experience, essential knowledge may have been lost. Possibly forever.

~ Or we save this knowledge for future generations, and avoid a second ‘burning’ of the Alexandria Libraries of human knowledge.

Saving it is simple to do. While our efforts might not completely guarantee this knowledge will be protected, we have to try. Or our children and their children and the future of humanity may have nothing but one voice. And it won’t be theirs.

Save the truth, wherever we can, then share it.

Use the hashtags #SaveOurKnowing #SaveOurTruth #FreeSpeech #NoCensorship, to alert others to also save and share it.

We should attempt to save the content (be it articles, videos, images, posters, leaflets, graphics or memes) in more than one format or place:

Digital online: Download and save posts, articles and videos to alternative content websites and social media like MeWe.com, Parler.com, private digital forums, alternative video hosting platforms like Bitchute.com, BrandNewTube.com, Brighteon.com, altCensored.com (more listed here), or even, if you know how, to the so-called ‘Dark Web’. Do check copyright and sharing policies first, and do attribute the original website and author.

Digital offline: Download and save articles and videos to your computer hard drives, portable hard drives, tablets, phones and memory sticks.

Hard copies: If practical, print out shorter articles or transcripts, print and hand out information leaflets, and/or buy hard copies of printed books. If the internet goes down (or is deliberately restricted) then old-fashioned hard copies may be the only way forward!

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Dr. Vernon Coleman – “Coronavirus: Why did YouTube ban my video?” – https://youtu.be/2B8ycnc8PMA





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Image of burning city by TheDigitalArtist from Pixabay

Image of Propaganda Mill by jorgophotography from Pixabay

Image of desert by _Marion from Pixabay

Image of computer, book and phone by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Image of landscape with sunrise by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay

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