Free-thinking Businesses Against Lockdowns, Masks, Testing or Vaccine Passports

There are numerous website directories or databases springing up, listing open-minded businesses who are against the concept of lockdowns, or enforcment of facemasks, test and trace apps, or vaccine passports on their customers. We encourage you to support these businesses. Some of these appear below, and we’ll add to them on an ongoing basis.

Against Vaccine Passports –

We believe covid passports are divisive and discriminatory. We understand that businesses want to reopen as soon as possible, but fairness, rights and equality must come before profit.

Everyone should have the freedom to make their own health decisions with sovereignty over their own body, this being a principle that must never be compromised.

Awakened Businesses UK –

A safe place for business owners in the UK to offer their services without diabolical restrictions or fear of criticism. Let’s all help KEEP BRITAIN FREE

Awakened Choice –

Are you looking for a holiday venue owned by awakened people? Browse our directory of awakened holiday venues and book that perfect unrestricted getaway.

Are you an awakened business owner that is looking to expand your client list with likeminded, awakened people who need your services? Advertise your business in our Facebook Group and be added to our Awakened Business Directory!

Awakened World –

Awakened World has been set up as a central hub to connect people and services that do not ask and do not care about your Covid vaccination status. We also host a number of template letters and articles via our Lawyers of Light page, for your use and information.

It is important that we look not only at current times, but also to the future, and hence we are delighted to provide additional information about foraging and natural cures using essential oils. All information regarding this can be found on our Natural EssentOILS page. To visit this page please see the link under the pictures below.

We are also delighted to now be taking registration of Awakened Renters, Awakened Professionals and Awakened Employers.

Freedom Business Community –

A community of businesses, organisations and individuals who believe in FREEDOM of CHOICE and FREEDOM of SPEECH.

A community who do NOT wish to DISCRIMINATE against any individual for having their own personal views, beliefs and opinions, including personal health choices. After all, it is our differences that make us special.

A community who do not want to police or restrict the free movement of individuals or cause division in a democratic society. Together we are stronger!

As our online directory and App evolve we would like to enable businesses to comply with notification obligations whilst not intruding on or compromising customer privacy. We intend for personal data to be privately and securely stored, out of the hands of big tech and government. All this takes time and money so please bear with us.

Submit your company name and contact email so that we can notify you as soon as the Freedom Business Community Directory and App is available for FREE download in the App store! **We were aiming for a 4th July launch but this is looking unlikely however the website directory is taking shape.

You may also like to join our Telegram group: or Instagram @freedombusinesscommunity

We do not discriminate – EVERYONE WELCOME! xx

Mudus Noster –

MUNDUS NOSTER means ‘The World Is Ours’ in Latin. Mundus Noster, as a group, was created not long ago out of frustration, but also with determination to build the right world for the right people. We, Freethinkers and Truthers, have seen the world we knew to collapse in front of our eyes, and to crush into pieces without much hope of regaining it back. With every passing month in this plandemic, the web of lies keep burying that possibility, making it nearly impossible. But WE shall not succumb to their demands, their masks, their T&T app nor their health passport, even less, their gene therapy. WE SHALL NOT!

WE are many out there. Let’s look for them, and hopefully, they will find us too: Businesses, Customers, People in general that would like to be in charge of their own life, business, decisions, freedom, and future. THE FUTURE IS OURS!

 Mundus Noster’s first step to help to build the right world for the right people is to offer this free Directory Website, listing businesses across the UK that do not ask their customers to wear a mask, have a T&T app, or show a health passport. We believe in freedom of choice. We support Freethinking Businesses and their Freethinking Customers. Together, we can help each other to form the right community for the right people: OUR WORLD!

If you would like to have your business added to our Directory, any kind of business that deal with customers and clients, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. The only condition to be advertised on our Directory Website is to be a Freethinker and Truther.​


Coffee shop image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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