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This is our own compilation of the truth about Covid-19, Coronavirus, the pandemic, viruses, mask-wearing, social distancing and lockdowns. It is updated with new facts from time to time, which are sourced from doctors, scientists, whistle-blowers and researchers seeking to ensure that the real truth, and not fake-news or junk-science, is told.

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Compendium of Covid/Virus/Vaccine Facts:

Updates (2021)

18 Reasons to Not Have the Experimental Covid Jab:

Facts about Covid-19 by Swiss Policy Research (sequential summary report regularly updated): For example:

“The often shown exponential curves of “corona cases” are misleading, as the number of tests also increased exponentially. In most countries, the ratio of positive tests to tests overall (i.e. the positivity rate) always remained below 20%. In many countries, the peak of the spread was already reached well before the lockdown came into effect.” [accessed 01/09/2020]

Second lockdown UK (November 2020) based on lower than average deaths

Whistle-blower healthcare worker – Second lockdown in UK ordered when only 3 Covid ICU patients in South West hospitals (November 2020): [accessed 05/11/20]

What’s killing Americans – not Covid: an exploration of what the Covid disease really is: [accessed 11/11/20]

UK government falsely inflated Covid hospitalisations and deaths in order to install second lockdown, then had to backtrack on their figures: [accessed 02/11/20]

UK government’s SAGE group over-estimated Covid stats: [accessed 11/11/20]

Despite Covid deaths at zero (July 2020), social distancing and masks mandated in UK

Andrew Mather – indy statistician and researcher: Covid-19 Peak Fraud – and Covid-19 World Mortality Analysis – 4th July Data – 

ONS statistics:  

EVERY YEAR, there are approx. 500,000 deaths worldwide from ordinary flu, including approx. 26,400 deaths (2017/2018) in the UK from ordinary flu every year. See the official UK government report on flu deaths on page 51: 

The science that the UK government used for Covid-19 numbers of infections/deaths is flawed: [25 March 2020, accessed 01/09/2020]

The Coronavirus pandemic was in decline ‘naturally’ BEFORE Lockdown: 

Almost all deaths in the UK have been and continue to be labelled as Covid-19, even if deaths occur months after patient was suspected of Covid-19 or tested positive for it, and even if fully recovered in the meantime: 

Kings Fund – (19 August 2020): Deaths from Covid-19 (coronavirus): how are they counted and what do they show?:

“Until 12 August, the data for England reported on GOV.UK included everyone who died after testing positive for coronavirus, however long after the test they died, whereas the data for the rest of UK included only deaths within 28 days of testing. Concerns that Covid-19 deaths in England could be over-stated without a cut-off date, as it increased the risk of including people dying from other causes, and the discrepancy with the definition used in the rest of the UK, led the Department of Health and Social Care to ask Public Health England to review its methodology for reporting daily Covid-19 deaths in England. Following the review, the definition used for reporting daily Covid-19 deaths in England was changed on 12 August to bring it into line with the rest of the UK. 

The headline measure now reported on GOV.UK for the UK and its constituent countries is defined as the number of deaths that occur within 28 days of a first positive laboratory-confirmed test for Covid-19. This measure is intended to provide an indication of the impact of recent epidemic activity.

In addition, a supplementary measure will be the number of deaths that occur within 60 days of a first positive test and deaths that occur after 60 days if Covid-19 appears on the death certificate. This measure includes people who suffer a prolonged period of illness from Covid-19 before dying, and will provide a more complete measure of the burden of the disease over time.

Both the new measures reduce the cumulative number of Covid-19 deaths in England (and correspondingly in the UK) compared with the previous definition. The following figures show, for example, how these changes in the interval between the date of testing positive and death impacted on the numbers of Covid-19 deaths in England up to 7 August 2020

– old definition with no time limit: 42,031 deaths

– new headline 28-day definition: 36,683 deaths

– new 60-day definition: 40,403 deaths.” [accessed 01/09/2020]

ONS: “Deaths Involving Covid-19”: “Our data are based on deaths registered in England and Wales and include all deaths where “COVID-19” was mentioned on death certificates.”: [accessed 01/09/2020]

UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) Guidance for Doctors Completing Medical Certificates of Cause of Death (MCCD) – Emergency Period Only:

“Covid-19 is an acceptable direct or underlying cause of death for the purposes of completing the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death” and “ if before death the patient had symptoms typical of COVID19 infection, but the test result has not been received, it would be satisfactory to give ‘COVID-19’ as the cause of death, tick Box B and then share the test result when it becomes available. In the circumstances of there being no swab, it is satisfactory to apply clinical judgement.”: [accessed 01/09/2020]

Most of the deaths that the media report as Coronavirus deaths were people who died from sepsis (serious infection inside body, leading to cell deaths and organ failure): and existing health problems like heart problems, diabetes, cancer, etc, but as these people also have flu-like symptoms or test positive for Coronavirus, it will be reported as another Coronavirus death, to scare us. 

Even the UK government official figures on Coronavirus deaths state: “The figures on deaths relate to patients who have died in hospital and who have tested positive for COVID-19.” [note: not died FROM COVID-19] 

UK Government Covid-19 Dashboard updates: [accessed 01/09/2020]

Spectator: Summer Flu is now more Deadly than Covid: “Yet few seem to have noticed, while we fret about whether reopening schools, bars and so on will cause a second wave of Covid-19, that flu (and pneumonia) appears to be killing five times as many people in England and Wales. In the week ending 31 July, these are the Office for National Statistics tallies for cause of death (as measured by mentions on death certificates): influenza and pneumonia, 928; Covid-19, 193. This is nothing new: more people have been dying of flu than Covid-19 since the middle of June.” [11 August 2020, accessed 01/09/2020] 

Most of us will already have various Coronavirus (a group of viruses, not one: in our bodies in response to toxins, pollution and the dangerous electro-magnetic radiation from EMF but especially from the new 5G (which they have been switching on from a few months ago, with the biggest 5G network in China, and Wuhan was one of the first 5G cities). In fact, there is also a Bioweapons Lab in Wuhan, and some people think the virus was artificially created by the USA and released in Wuhan because of the very serious trade wars between the US and China.

What we’ve been told about viruses is probably not true – viruses are not alive, and there is evidence to suggest viruses are merely genetic fragments, part of your own body’s immune system processes trying to delete toxins, in response to biological ‘insults’ and pollutants in the body – 

Coronavirus may not even be a virus; it may simply be exosomes, a natural expulsion from your body’s cells to deal with toxins. Also the current tests for Coronavirus are extremely unreliable and not accurate  – Andrew Kaufman video: 

Up to 90% Who’ve Tested Covid-Positive Wrongly Diagnosed: from an article in the New York Times of 29/08/2020 discussing the high false positive results and lack of standards with the PCR test for Coronavirus, for example:

“The bits of genetic material whose amount is being amplified ARE NOT viruses. They’re just small segments of inert genetic material found inside a virus’s shell. Without the shell, they don’t have any ability to infect a cell and reproduce. The PCR test doesn’t detect “live” viruses, at best it only detects their “remains.” The detection of viral remains involves massively amplifying the amount in the original sample by running it through successive PCR cycles. And nothing about the PCR test itself will tell you if there was actually any “live” virus in the original sample.” [accessed 15/09/2020]

Evidence that one of the WHO primer sequences in the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 is found in all human DNA (homo sapiens chromosome 8):

The Conversation: Coronavirus: Are Cases in the UK Rising? Important points about how increase in testing will result in more ‘cases’, suggestions for more comparable statistics such as PCR positive cases per 100,000 tests: “Given the variation in the data, it’s now much harder to be confident, by simply looking at the graph above, that the proportion of positive tests is increasing. Carl Heneghan, a professor at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, collating cases by the date of sample rather than the date of reporting, has even suggested that the proportion of positive cases might be decreasing.” [10 August 2020, accessed 01/09/2020]

Bioweapons: Whether viruses are a natural part of your immune system or not, scientists have been tampering with viruses (“gain of function”) to create bioweapons. Covid-19 is different to natural viruses, and was probably released from a bioweapons lab: 

New York critical care doctor says Covid-19 symptoms are more like altitude sickness and ventilators may be harming them: [05 April 2020, accessed 01/09/2020]

Dr. Rashid Buttar on the fake statistics about Covid-19, the 5G connection, vaccines, surveillance, the 6 foot social distancing rule, etc: 

Some think the symptoms of Covid-19 may be fully or partly caused by electromagnetic radiation, including new 5G mobile signals, which are extremely dangerous for humans, animals and plants: – David Crowe – Critique of Covid-19 Science:  and 

So why may information and data on Covid-19 be deceptive, deliberately faked or fraudulent?

You have to look at what’s happening alongside the Coronavirus ‘plandemic’: more restrictions, controls and surveillance of ordinary people, which are being called the “New Normal”. We have had many individual freedoms and rights taken away, in the name of a fake pandemic, and our rights and freedoms are unlikely to be handed back anytime soon. The Covid-19 vaccine is being rushed through development, and vaccine trials over the past few years show extreme illness, injury and death associated with these types of DNA-altering vaccines. The New World Order is indeed coming, unless we stand up and say no, for ourselves and the future of humanity.

David Icke London Real interview on Mon 06 April 2020 – The Coronavirus Conspiracy: How Covid-19 Will Seize Your Rights and Destroy Our Economy: (type in email to view)

Report: Surveillance and 5G Fast-tracked under pretext of fight Coronavirus – Derrick Broze and Josh del Sol – 

“We are being lied to about the virulence of COVID-19. And the ramifications are unprecedented. For more perspective that intelligently challenges the official narrative, see these links:

Ben Swann video – the breakdown of WHO’s disinformation

Wall Street Journal article – fatality rate too high by orders of magnitude

New England Journal of Medicine article – Dr. Fauci’s admission

CNN article – “majority of people with Covid-19 only suffer mild symptoms, then recover””

Flu and coronavirus: The COVID-19 death rate is higher in European countries with a low flu intensity since 2018, says a working paper by Chris Hope of Cambridge Judge Business School: “The death rate from COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Europe appears to be linked to low-intensity flu seasons in the past two years as the same people are vulnerable…” [02 July 2020, accessed 01/09/2020]

Information on why face masks are NOT effective for Covid-19 and why they are dangerous for mask-wearers

Also see:

Stand for Health Freedom – Face Masks – FAQs 

Call to make mask-wearing voluntary not mandatoryACT NOW: Mandatory Masks Endanger Your Health and Your Liberties. Tell Your State and Local Officials To Make Mask-Wearing Voluntary. – US Dept of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) SAYS MASKS DON’T WORK — AND VIOLATE OSHA OXYGEN LEVELS – – Conclusive Proof — Masks Do Not Inhibit Viral Spread – Science showing the fallacy and inaccuracies of public health mandates to wear face masks – WHO admits: No direct evidence Masks prevent viral infection:  

Dr Russel Blaylock – Face masks pose serious risks to the healthy: 

British Medical Journal (BMJ) Rapid Response – Covid-19: important potential side effects of wearing face masks that we should bear in mind – reply to

“(5) Face masks make breathing more difficult. For people with COPD, face masks are in fact intolerable to wear as they worsen their breathlessness.[5] Moreover, a fraction of carbon dioxide previously exhaled is inhaled at each respiratory cycle. Those two phenomena increase breathing frequency and deepness, and hence they increase the amount of inhaled and exhaled air. This may worsen the burden of covid-19 if infected people wearing masks spread more contaminated air. This may also worsen the clinical condition of infected people if the enhanced breathing pushes the viral load down into their lungs.

(5B) The effects described at point 5 are amplified if face masks are heavily contaminated (see point 2)

(6) While impeding person-to-person transmission is key to limiting the outbreak, so far little importance has been given to the events taking place after a transmission has happened, when innate immunity plays a crucial role. The main purpose of the innate immune response is to immediately prevent the spread and movement of foreign pathogens throughout the body.[6] The innate immunity’s efficacy is highly dependent on the viral load. If face masks determine a humid habitat where the SARS-CoV-2 can remain active due to the water vapour continuously provided by breathing and captured by the mask fabric, they determine an increase in viral load and therefore they can cause a defeat of the innate immunity and an increase in infections. This phenomenon may also interact with and enhance previous points.” [accessed 01/09/2020]

The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) has won a second decision on the controversial vaccinate or mask (VOM) policy: “These policies force nurses and other health-care workers to wear an unfitted surgical mask for the entirety of their shift if they choose not to receive the influenza vaccine. After reviewing extensive expert evidence submitted by both ONA and St. Michael’s Hospital, which was the lead case for the TAHSN group, Arbitrator William Kaplan, in his September 6 decision, found that St. Michael’s VOM policy is “illogical and makes no sense” and “is the exact opposite of being reasonable.”” [accessed 01/09/2020]

What can you do for yourself to reduce your chances of ‘catching’ colds and flu, including any coronavirus?

The best you can do for yourself and your family is eat healthy food, including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and take vitamin and mineral supplements especially Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin D and Magnesium, to boost your immune systems. 

If you develop a blocked/runny nose, cough, sore muscles, fever or other flu symptoms, take 30 drops of Echinaforce (Echinacea herb) in water immediately, then 10-20 drops in water two to three times a day, and you will feel much better fairly soon. 

One of the best anti-microbial more natural substances is Colloidal Silver: 

AgNPs [silver nano particles] have been proved effective against over 650 microorganisms including bacteria (both Gram-positive and negative), fungi and viruses; however, the precise mechanism of their mode of antimicrobial action is not fully understood yet” 

“The potent antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity of AgNPs is due to their ability of producing Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and free radical species such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), superoxide anion (O2−), hydroxyl radical (OH•), hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and singlet oxygen” 

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