Is Covid-19 the Same as Wireless Radiation Sickness?

There have been numerous writings on the close association between increased rollouts of electro-magnetic wireless radiation, including higher-frequency 5G mobile radiation, and ‘outbreaks’ of the so-called covid-19 disease.

One such scientific paper, “Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G”, published in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Research [published 26/10/2021], shows how symptoms of the so-called coronavirus disease called covid-19 closely match symptoms of those facing exposure to wireless electro-magnetic radiation (EMR).

Overlapping symptoms include: blood changes including coagulation/clotting, oxidative stress (such as cell damage and hypoxemia/low oxygen), and cardiac effects including heart palpitations and arrhythmias.

They include a table showing the similarities of symptoms with wireless radiation exposure and covid-19:


The authors of the paper conclude:

“There is a substantial overlap in pathobiology between COVID-19 and WCR [Wireless Communications Radiation] exposure. The evidence presented here indicates that mechanisms involved in the clinical progression of COVID-19 could also be generated, according to experimental data, by WCR exposure. Therefore, we propose a link between adverse bioeffects of WCR exposure from wireless devices and COVID-19…

“WCR exposure is a widespread, yet often neglected, environmental stressor that can produce a wide range of adverse bioeffects. For decades, independent research scientists worldwide have emphasized the health risks and cumulative damage caused by WCR. The evidence presented here is consistent with a large body of established research. Healthcare workers and policymakers should consider WCR a potentially toxic environmental stressor. Methods for reducing WCR exposure should be provided to all patients and the general population.”

The online version of the paper can be accessed here: [published online 21/09/2021, accessed 11/07/2022], or you can download a copy of the paper here [PDF, 16 pages].

Cellular Phone Task Force, of which one of the members is Arthur Firstenberg, author of the groundbreaking book, “The Invisible Rainbow“, have a section on their website listing statements by physicians, scientists and health policy experts warning of the dangers of EMR:

The book, “The Invisible Rainbow – A History of Electricity and Life” [published 09/03/2020] is a fascinating account of the effects of electricity and electro-magnetic radiation on human beings, animals, plants and life forces on this planet.

Their website includes a summary of the history of “Radio Wave Illness”and a list of common symptoms from EMR exposure: (with a more detailed discussion available in the book).


Read more about the dangers of EMR and 5G here:

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