If not Covid, what Caused all those Excess Deaths? #WeNeedToTalkAboutMidazolam

Two years’ worth of Midazolam, one of the pharmaceutical drugs given with two others to end the lives of American prisoners on death row, was ordered by the NHS in March 2020 and used up by October 2020. Then unusually high numbers of prescriptions of Midazolam also occurred in January and February 2021, causing NHS stocks to run low again.

Also used in very low doses in hospitals to calm anxious and/or ‘end-of-life’ patients, or to drug them for medical procedures, Midazolam suppresses respiratory function and can be dangerous or fatal, especially when given to elderly or frail patients, so must be managed carefully with professionals attending the patient.

In both April 2020 and January 2021, the UK experienced surges in the number of elderly and disabled people dying. Most died in care homes, not hospitals. We were told they died of covid.


From a detailed investigation by dailyexpose.co.uk:

“In March 2020 the British people were told that they must “stay at home” in order to “protect the NHS” and “save lives”. They were also told that the authorities needed just “three weeks to flatten the curve”.

Why were the British people instructed to stay at home? Because of the threat of a new and emerging virus which we’re told originated in the city of Wuhan, China. A virus which has claimed the lives of 128,000 to date in the United Kingdom, or so we’re told.

But what if we could prove to you that you’ve given up fifteen months and counting of your life due to a lie? But not just any lie, a lie that has involved prematurely ending the lives of thousands upon thousands of people, who you were told died of Covid-19. A lie that has involved committing one of the greatest crimes against humanity in living memory. A lie that has required three things – fear, your compliance, and a drug known as Midazolam…”

Read the full article here: https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/06/13/stay-at-home-protect-the-nhs-give-midazolam-to-the-elderly-and-tell-you-they-are-covid-deaths/ [published 13/06/2021, accessed 04/07/2021], or download a copy of the article here [PDF, 22 pages].

A video clip shows Matt Hancock, UK Health Secretary, being interviewed on 17 March 2020 about NHS stocks of Midazolam and Morphine, around the time of a huge spike in deaths in care homes and hospices, with a matching increase in the number of out of hospital prescriptions of Midazolam. It was also soon followed by an announcement of the first covid lockdown.

Video source: https://youtu.be/5kvJgAMDeWg [published 08/07/2021, accessed 11/07/2021].

Image of cemetery: https://pixabay.com/photos/cemetery-graveyard-grave-graves-72109/

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