What’s with Sweden and Coronavirus?

Sweden, without imposing lockdowns and restrictions on its citizens, are proud that they are an example of low Covid deaths and cases.

However, mainstream media love to vilify Sweden, claiming they have surging “cases” and an unprepared-for coming “second wave”. Articles like one in the Telegraph of 15/11/20, blare out headlines claiming Sweden ‘got it wrong’ and have failed to prepare adequately for the ‘second wave’.

But even a quick unpicking will expose the deceptions in that.

Firstly, Sweden includes all deaths with suspected cases of coronavirus (not necessarily confirmed by a positive PCR test), regardless of length of time between suspected coronavirus and death, as a Covid death.

Second, the much touted so-called “rising” cases in Sweden are clearly due to increasing tests being rolled out. See the graphs below.

Finally, the PCR test is notoriously inaccurate with high numbers of false positives accepted by most scientists and doctors. Not only that, but it picks up fragments of previous cold viruses. And all that testing is for a virus which has not been properly isolated or proven to exist!

Download and share this graphic: https://saveourknowing.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/SwedenCovid-deaths-tests-cases.jpg






Graffiti header image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

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