Graphene Oxide and the Link between Covid Vaccines and Death

Data and information is coming to light which means we can no longer ignore what’s staring us in the face: covid vaccines cause an unprecedented number of vaccine injuries including disabilites, and since the rollout of covid vaccines worldwide, a huge spike in deaths, especially in the few weeks following the first rollout.

An article entitled “Covid-19 Vaccines Lead to New Infections and Mortality: The Evidence is Overwhelming” lays out the alarming increase in covid cases and deaths following the start of covid vaccines, in numerous countries. Epidemic curves and mortality are analysed from official WHO data, of the most vaccinated countries.

An example from Thailand appears below (graph is in French, but the article has been translated into English).

Image from:

See: [published 27-28/05/2021, accessed 08/07/2021], or download a copy of the article here [PDF, 15 pages].

Covid vaccines seem to be lethal to unborn babies too. In an analysis of the official, governmental vaccine injury databases for the US, the UK and Europe, there have already been 2,431 spontaneous miscarriages/abortions following pregnant women being vaccinated with the covid jabs.

See: [published 17/07/2021, accessed 17/07/2021], or download a copy of the article here [PDF, 9 pages].

New evidence about vaccines containing the very toxic Graphene Oxide as the main ingredient, is coming to light.

An article by Steven Fishman, published on, presents a discussion between the author and Dr Milo Canderian, who developed the patent for Graphene Oxide for use as a Hematological Bioweapon in 2015, and who is described by the author as a “Genocidal Globalist”.

Dr Canderian explains a simple mathematical formula used to calculate how long each covid-vaccinated person will live, based on the damage to their blood cells by the Graphene Oxide-containing covid vaccines. The longest any vaccinated person will live is 10 years, but this is reduced proportionally depending on the number of vaccines they’ve had and the amount of deterioration to their blood cells, which can easily be established by a hermotologist viewing a blood sample under an electron microscope.

You can read this chilling document here: [published 22/07/2021, accessed 01/08/2021], or download a copy of the article here [PDF, 8 pages].

Image from: [accessed 01/08/2021]

The above article also references a video interview of Dr Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters Show, discussing new microscopic evidence of damage to blood cells by Graphene Oxide amongst vaccinated individuals.

Watch the video clip below, or at: [published 16/07/2021, accessed 01/08/2021].

Overall, covid vaccines have a much incidence of injuries and of deaths following vaccination, compared to other vaccines, and that’s according to official, governmental data collected in their vaccine injury databases. See:

Also see further evidence of the rise in injuries and deaths post-vaccination here:

Vaccine/NWO image by Ria Sopala from Pixabay

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