Questions about Fibres in Masks and Swabs

NaturalNews did some electron microscopy photographs of various facemasks and testing swabs, to find not only holes in masks rendering them completely ineffective, but also mysterious worm-like fibres, which may be Morgellans Fibres or something else (nano-particles?) – [25/04/2021, accessed 26/04/2021] Download a copy of the article here [PDF, 22 pages, accessed 26/04/2021]


Covid Vaccine Injury and Death Databases

There are three main databases which collect and publish information on adverse reactions and deaths from vaccines/pharmaceutical drugs, and which collect and publish data since the covid ‘DNA altering treatments’ were initiated: EudraVigilance, managed by European Medicines Agency in the EU – Up to 10 April 2021, there have been 6,662 deaths and 299,065 …


Doctors & Expert Groups against Extreme Covid Measures

Doctors 4 Covid Ethics – Doctors and Scientists Write to the European Medicines Agency, Warning of COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers for a Third Time – Ahead of European Green Certificate (vaccine passport) vote in the European Parliament on April 28, the experts warn that cardinal symptoms of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) dominate the …

Legal and Lawful Pandemic

Legal Challenges for Covid Crimes against Humanity

We will continue to add news of legal challenges against governments and/or corporations for inappropriate responses to covid and the resulting crimes against humanity, as they emerge. Australia – Class Action against the State of Victoria – see: [accessed 17/04/2021]. Canada – 19 Ontario police officers launch court challenge of COVID-19 enforcement powers – …


Dangers and Ineffectiveness of Facemasks

We have included some studies, scientific papers, articles and summaries of information about the dangers of wearing facemasks for anyone, especially healthy people, and how masks are not effective in preventing ‘covid’. Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to the Healthy by Dr Russell Blaylock, M.D. (published by, May 2020): Masks, False Safety and …

History Pandemic

The Virus Misconception by Dr Stefan Lanka

Dr Stefan Lanka blows apart the Germ Theory, which since the 1950’s has been the main self-serving narrative used by the medical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex, claiming that pathogens, including viruses, are dangerous, lead to disease, and humans need protection from them via pharmaceutical drugs, including ‘vaccines’. You can read a summary of Lanka’s main points here:, …

5G & EMR

The Dangers of 5G, WiFi and Thousands of Satellites

The introductory information below is from Arthur Firstenberg’s website,, for the purposes of ensuring the information is widely available. On September 23, 1998, 66 satellites, launched into low orbit by the Iridium Corporation, commenced broadcasting to the first ever satellite telephones. Those phones would work equally as well in mid-ocean, and in Antarctica, as …